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The system works independently and you are 100% self-sustaining your energy use.

Use during the grid failure or where no grid.


  • Lower energy costs - Use more of your own solar power, draw less energy from the grid and save on costs.
  • Increase independence - With a storage unit, you gain independence from rising electricity prices.
  • Guaranteed power supply - If there is a power failure, you can supply your own solar power from the storage unit.
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Off Grid solar systems

The system works independently and the consumer is not connected to any utility's power system.

This system uses batteries to store generated solar power.

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Frequently asked questions

* Permanent Grid electricity supply
* Sufficient roof space with no roof shadings
* Electricity bill under the consumer’s name

Micro PC Systems can help you obtain the necessary permissions for an off-grid solar panel system, but for a grid-connected solar PV system, it is necessary to get permission from CEB/LECO and follow the right procedure.

Signed CEB/LECO application by the electricity bill account holder, electricity bill copy, NIC copy. A copy of the first page of a savings bank book/bank statement is required for net accounting scheme.

Banks in Sri Lanka offer discounts and loan facilities for the purchase of solar power systems, such as inverters and battery backup systems. Contact Micro PC Systems Solar team for interest-free payment plans.

The grid-tied inverter in a Solar PV system won't work during a power outage, but when paired with a battery backup solution, it can. Most solar installations will shut off during a power cut to ensure it doesn't feed live electricity into the power lines. However, if a battery backup system is connected to the solar panels, they can be used during a power cut.

Solar panels typically don't require much maintenance, but regular maintenance is necessary to ensure the system is operating at its best efficiency. Over time, dust and debris build up on the panels, which can compromise the performance of the system. Micro PC Systems r provides complete maintenance services irrespective of whether the panel was installed or not.

Solar power systems can increase the home value of a property, as it can be seen as an attractive feature by potential buyers. Studies have shown that properties with solar panels are often valued higher than those without them.